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TMS Center Locations

TheraMind®  Services offers transcranial magnetic stimulation therapy (TMS) through a network of TheraMind TMS center locations and affiliates throughout the country. Additional TheraMind Centers are scheduled to open in the near future.

TheraMind Centers are designed to facilitate a team approach to wellness. Each TMS Center allows TheraMind Directors and TMS Specialists to meet with referring physicians, mental health providers, and friends and family for a coordinated approach to each patient’s treatment.

Also, TheraMind Centers are equipped with state-of-the-art, FDA-approved TMS systems, including the Neurostar TMS Therapy System, MagPro R30, MagPro X100, CloudTMS and/or BrainsWay dTMS.

Please note, however, that while TMS therapy is offered at all of our Centers, the TMS equipment utilized does vary by manufacturer and model from Center to Center. All of our TMS equipment is FDA-approved. If you are interested in the specific equipment employed, please call your location of choice or visit the TheraMind Center location website for specifics about the systems in use at that Center.