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TheraMind Services Results

After an average TMS treatment course, TheraMind Service’s patients have experienced significant reduction of their symptoms, as measured by their Beck Depression Inventory (“BDI”) scores.[1] Approximately 60% of TheraMind Services Patients achieve complete remission as measured by a BDI score of less than 10. (Beck scores are a self-reporting series of questions that mental health professionals use to evaluate the intensity, severity and depth of their patients’ depression).


TMS Clinical Studies Results

In a controlled clinical study, one in two patients suffering from depression improved significantly after TMS therapy, and one in three patients were completely free of symptoms after six weeks of treatment.[2] Numerous clinical trials and real world studies have demonstrated that at least 54% of patients experienced a significant improvement in their symptoms and at least 33% of patients experienced complete remission of their symptoms after six weeks.[3]

[1] Beck scores below 10 are considered normal and indicate that the patient has achieved complete remission.

[2] Demitrack MA, Thase ME. “Clinical significance of transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) in the treatment of pharmacoresistant depression: synthesis of recent data.” Psychopharm Bull. 2009, 42(2): 5-38. 2.

[3] In an open-label study, the results of which were confirmed by an independent study sponsored by the National Institute of Mental Health.