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Z-Score Training

Neurofeedback employing Z-score training involves identifying the aberrant brainwave amounts, patterns and relationships and comparing them to a normal sample of similar age and sex as the client. Using standard deviations, the clinician can see how the patient’s brain deviates from such normative database. Thereafter, using the presenting problems, as well as the client’s presentation and  skill sets as a gauge, a unique, data-driven protocol (a converse blueprint—molded to fit the client’s brain) is developed to train the individual patient towards health.


Alpha-Theta Training

Alpha-theta neurofeedback is a traditional neurofeedback protocol that has been used in clinics since Elmer Green and Nancy White pioneered its usefulness in 1970. It has been used for peak performance training, theorized to bring about flow states, or experiences of being in the zone. In alpha theta training, the neurotherapist takes the client to the edge of the hypnogogic state, where they are generating both alpha and theta. It is the point where they create greater amplitudes of theta than alpha that we have the “crossover,” which is the instance in which the individual enters a deep trance (and, I argue, begins the process of integrating the subconscious into the conscious, allowing for individuation). This is often helpful for individuals with repressive personality styles, anxiety disorders, and history of trauma.

Please note that we work in conjunction with affiliated medical professionals to provide neurofeedback. We recommend you visit the specific TheraMind Center location website to verify the specific treatment options available at your location of choice.