LLLT or Low Level Laser Therapy is often described as being used in wellness centers for its cosmetic benefits. At the TheraMind Center of Santa Barbara it is used for pain management and the healing effects of its photobiomodulation properties. For a broad review of the use and effects of LLLT historically and discussion of the clinical applicability of LLLT to pain, see Cotler, Howard, et al., “The Use of Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) For Musculoskeletal Pain”, MOJ Orthop Rheumatol. 2015 ; 2(5): . doi:10.15406/mojor.2015.02.00068. As of the publication date of that paper, the authors noted “…there have been no long-term (greater than 2 year follow up) human clinical studies that have evaluated LLLT. The overall positive short term clinical studies in addition to strong laboratory studies should give the clinical confidence that LLLT may be beneficial for many individuals suffering from musculoskeletal pain, regardless of the cause”.

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