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Tinnitus, the condition of constant ringing in the ears, is more than an invariable annoyance. It can cause depression, anxiety and sleep loss. Tinnitus is fairly common affecting nearly 50 million Americans a year and can result from infection or injury and hearing loss. While commonly a ringing that no one else can hear, it can also manifest in the form of buzzing, hissing, humming, clicking, and in rare case sound like music. For years there has been little relief for people who suffer from tinnitus, but with ground-breaking technologies like TMS there is new hope to target the neurological source of the problem. Please contact us to learn more about these innovative treatments and the success of their clinical trials.



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tinnitus_auditory_right_connectivity_before_ax tinnitus_auditory_right_connectivity_after
tinnitus_auditory_right_connectivity_before_cor tinnitus_auditory_right_connectivity_after_cor