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Migraines manifest in different ways in different patients. At TheraMind we encourage patients to get a qEEG before beginning neurotherapy or any other treatment modality for that matter. Neurotherapy, including TMS, is effective in many cases. This is particularly the case when neurotherapy is coupled with the use of hemoencephalography (HEG), which brings oxygen-rich blood into the frontal lobes, resulting in angiogenesis and vasodilation. We also encourage migraine sufferers to try Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) at our centers which enhances the amount of oxygen rich blood flowing to the affected area of the brain. The result is an increased amount of dendritic growth, leading to new neural pathways and new ways of processing information, as well as new circulatory pathways and less pain in the brain from constricted blood flow. One bonus of this therapy is that the dendritic growth also leads to an increase in IQ, according to Herschel Toomin, the inventor of HEG. When working with rats, after undergoing HEG, the dendrites in the trained rats’ brains were dense and thick, like a forest, when compared to the control group. Our overall goal is to reduce, and ultimately eliminate, the number of headaches and intensity of headaches.