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Aphasia is a disorder resulting from damage or injury to the language area in the brain. It is exemplified by impairment of language, speech, comprehension, and the ability to read and write. Aphasia may result from stroke, head trauma, tumors, or infections. The severity of the symptoms depends on the area of the brain affected and the extent of damage caused. Traditional treatments include speech and language therapy or surgery. TMS therapy has been shown in multiple studies to alleviate aphasia symptoms in victims when properly targeted using fMRI-based diagnostic imaging techniques.

At the TheraMind Center of Santa Barbara, our team of TMS-certified physicians working with TheraMind neurologists who are specialists in fMRI imaging studies, have developed patient-specific treatment regimens which have achieved substantial improvement in patients’ aphasia symptoms. If you or a loved one is suffering from aphasia, please contact us at (847) 562-5868 for an appointment and a free initial evaluation. Aphasia can be treated months and even years after the event.

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