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Neurological disorders are the result of structural, chemical or electrical abnormalities in or injury to the brain, spine or nerves. There are over 600 different recognized neurological disorders ranging from headaches to brain tumors, stroke to epilepsy, dementia to Autism. Today many neurological disorders are commonly treated with medications. However, because most such disorders originate in the brain, they can be treated directly at the source. At TheraMind, we harness the power of the brain to help heal itself using cutting edge technologies and therapeutic methods to retrain the brain. Clinically this is known as neuroplasticity. These neurotherapeutics alter or stimulate the brain’s communication pathways or frequencies creating lasting changes in how the brain functions. To learn more about TheraMind’s neurotherapeutic treatments, please refer to the treatment options page. Many of these groundbreaking therapies are currently undergoing clinical trials for a wide scope of neurological disorders with the expectation that they will soon be FDA approved for the wide array of promising applications. TheraMind currently treats the following neurological disorders: