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Major Depressive Disorder (MDD)

Major Depressive Disorder, also called Clinical Depression, is a pervasive depression that persists for at least two weeks, but can last for months and even years. After two years, MDD is then re-classified as Persistent Depressive Disorder. Major Depressive Disorder affects how a person thinks, feels and acts. These severe symptoms reach every facet of a person’s daily life, from how they sleep and eat to their interactions with other people. MDD is a serious medical disorder and requires treatment. There are many treatment options for MDD.

Traditional antidepressant medications are often ineffective and can have debilitating side effects, including: weight gain; insomnia; fatigue; sexual dysfunction; nausea; and indigestion. Consequently, patients often discontinue their drug therapy and are left with few alternatives.

Fortunately, there are groundbreaking treatment alternatives with far fewer side effects that are effective and safe. At Theramind we focus on these innovative treatments that help the brain heal itself, and are excellent alternatives for patients looking for a natural or holistic treatment option.

Are you suffering from depression?

If you think you or someone close to you may be suffering from Clinical Depression here are some common symptoms of to consider:

  • Loss of interest or pleasure in most activities
  • Isolating yourself
  • Sad feelings
  • Frequent crying, (even about little things)
  • Feeling overwhelmed, or anxious
  • Being irritable or cranky
  • Trouble sleeping (even when tired) or sleeping too much
  • Aches or pains, headaches, cramps, or digestive problems without a clear physical cause and/or that do not ease even with treatment
  • Trouble concentrating or remembering things
  • Trouble making decisions
  • Diminished self-care (e.g., dressing, bathing, fixing hair)
  • Loss of interest in food, or overeating
  • Not feeling up to doing everyday tasks
  • Focus on death, suicidal thoughts or actions

If you have 3 or more of these symptoms, it is important to know that you are not alone and that you can get help. All forms of depression need to be treated.

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If you are feeling suicidal call 911 immediately, For emergency services, there is the National Suicide Prevention 800-273-8255 and Crisis Text Line, both 24/7.

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