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TMS Therapy for Stroke Victims

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Aug 13

Healthy, Magnet Therapy Helps Heal Stroke — The more the stroke is increasingly becoming a frightening specter for everyone’s health. Especially for those who pay less attention to a healthy lifestyle, be it in terms of diet, as well as other activities. Recently found a new study in Neurology Department of the University of Miami showed that stimulate nerve cells in the brain with magnetic therapy may help recovery from stroke.

During Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS), the doctors put a large magnetic coil against the patient’s scalp, which creates an electric current to stimulate nerve cells. After having a stroke, one side of the brain may be too active and the other side can be overloaded in the works. With TMS therapy, a balance between the two sides of the brain can be restored.

Of research conducted by the Department of Neurology, ten of the 20 people who suffer from a stroke, received magnetic therapy every day for two weeks. While the other 10 received treatment outside of TMS.

After walking for two weeks of the study, the stroke patients were tested to measure the ability of copying lines and figures, tests also linked the day-to-day activities, such as reading the numbers on a cell phone call, the selection of coins, to read the menu.

Overall, participants who received magnetic therapy increased by 16.3% due after the therapy, the patient’s recovery rate increased to 22.6%.

Researcher Giacomo Koch, MD, PhD, of the Santa Lucia Foundation in Rome, Italy, and colleagues showed that the recovery could be a combined effect of mental rehearsal and TMS.

According to Ralph L. Sacco, MD, chairman of the Neurology Department at the School of Medicine, University of Miami, TMS study of this very interesting and important. This discovery is the first step in a healing process of stroke.

Patrick Lyden, MD, chairman of the Department of Neurology at the Medical Centre, Los Angeles, adding that with this magnet therapy, we can get more patients into a good rehab program. Since this is a new treatment and information is very interesting.

Alan Manevitz, MD, a psychiatrist in New York City, Lenox Hill Hospital, using TMS to treat patients affected by depression, including depression that can follow stroke. He added that a recent study showed that TMS has tremendous potential in the treatment of stroke-related disability.

So far, the unit-unti TMS said to be very expensive. As said by Randolph Marshall, MD, MS, Department of Neurology at Columbia University Medical Center, that TMS requires special training, so prices tend to be exorbitant. However, TMS is expected to be fresh air for healing therapy, especially for people with stroke
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