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Neuropsychological Testing

Where appropriate, patients will be asked to undergo neuropsychological testing prior to treatment. Assessments of this nature include but are not limited to:

  • Intelligence Tests: WAIS; WISC; SB; TONI
  • Achievement Tests: WJ-III; WIAT; WRAT
  • Attention Tests: CCPT; WCST; Vanderbilt; NEPSY
  • Language Tests: GORT; Boston Naming; HRB-Aphasia
  • Memory and Learning Tests: WMS; WRAML; CVLT; RAVLT; ROCF; NEPSY
  • Motor Control Tests: Grooved Pegoard; Finger Tapping; Grip Strength; Lateral Dominance
  • Visual Spatial Tests: ROCFT; Bender-Gestalt; HVOT
  • Autism Tests: ADOS; ASDS; ADL; GARS
  • Executive Functioning Tests: WCST; BRIEF; EFSD; D-KEFS; HRB
  • Behavioral Tests: BASC; Achenbach; Vanderbilt