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Quantitative EEG, “QEEG” or “brain mapping”, involves the recording of 20 minutes of EEG brainwaves followed by assessment of the operation and functionality of the brain using a comparison of normative and clinical databases.

How does it work?








The QEEG is a four-part procedure, which entails:

  • Initial visit and intake: 20 minutes of EEG recording; reading and understanding the “raw data,” (the “squiggles” that are the brainwave activity); and, removal of all “artifact” (eye movements, much muscle tension, etc.);
  • EEG Analysis: The amplitude, frequency and relationships between different areas of the cortex are analyzed, then measured statistically by the software (see below) and presented in quantified form compared to reference databases of other EEGs as “brain maps”;

QEEG Surface Map












  • Report work up: The report work-up includes the consultation of a normative database. The composition of the report often entails 3-5 hours of additional research. It may be recommended that the qEEG be combined with other medical, psychological and neuropsychological data to best aid the patient; and,
  • Delivery and Review with Patient of final QEEG Report: The final report is approximately 40 pages in length, complete with summary page, explanatory pictures, graphics, and terminology that is accessible for the layperson, yet true to scientific form.


Please note that QEEG and Loreta are provided by several of our Medical Directors, as well as affiliated medical providers at different locations. We recommend you visit the specific TheraMind Center location website to verify the specific treatment options available at your location of choice.